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Canadian Wireless Terminals

There are 2 types of wireless Point-of-Sale Terminals:

  1. Cordless POS
  2. Cellular POS

Both terminals are extremely reliable with today’s technology, but one only truly allows you to be completely mobile, that is the ‘cellular unit’. The cellular unit runs off the cell phone networks and will usually work just about anywhere a cell phone will work, where as, the ‘cordless unit’ works very similar to the way a cordless phone works, meaning you have anywhere from 100-500 metres away from the base that it will work depending on the type of model.

  • Visa & MasterCard rates are guaranteed to be the lowest in the industry
  • Guaranteed financing regardless personal credit score
  • Convenient rent-to-own options are available
  • Purchase options are available
  • Debit transaction fees from as low as 8 cents
  • Cellular Air-Time Plan provided with no contractual obligation – unlimited transactions included
  • Can deposit into any Canadian business bank account

  • Can implement gift & loyalty card services
  • Quality Customer Support 365 days of year
  • 24 hours replacement unit if current unit stops working
  • Free software upgrades
  • ALL terminals are PCI & EMV compliant

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