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Merchant Account Services for Vaporizer (Vapes) Sales

vapes merchant servicesAre you looking for a credit card processing solution for your vape store? Canada Merchant Accounts (CMA) has got you covered!

Right now, sales of personal vaporizers and e-cigarettes are smoking hot! And without the right payment processing solution, your vapes or e-cig business you will feel the burn.

Let CMA save time and money by setting your business up with the right solution for your needs at the lowest rates available.

At CMA, we’ve been assisting businesses with merchant account services since 2004. As high risk industry specialists, we know how difficult it can be for certain business types to be approved for credit card processing services.

With our established banking partners in Canada, the U.S., and offshore, we are in the unique position to deliver approvals for merchant accounts on virtually any high risk business, including vaporizer retailers.

And, we have a fast approval process! In most cases, our merchant services approvals take between 4-5 business days. Much faster than the average high risk provider!

If you sell e cigs or herbal vapes in a physical store or kiosk, we have credit card terminals and smartphone solutions that make accepting credit card payments easy!

Our hi-tech terminals are EMV chip compatible and also include NFC technology so that your customers can pay with app such as Apple Pay. Our smartphone solutions deliver the convenience of processing cards anywhere a cell signal is available.

If you need a merchant account solution for your online vaporizer store, CMA can provide a highly secure payment gateway and a virtual terminal so that you can key in credit card transactions when necessary.

Do you already have a payment processing solution? Send a recent processing statement to or fax to 312-896-5628 to take advantage of our FREE rate analysis. Give us 1 business day, and we will get back to your with a detailed report showing you how we can save you as much as 20% on your existing rates and fees!

We also provide other valuable business services:

Chargeback shield is a powerful tool that prevents disputes from becoming chargebacks. Don’t let your merchant account get terminated by having one too many chargebacks. Protect it with chargeback shield.

Merchant cash advance provides funding for business expansion or debt payoff. With approvals and terms that are much more flexible than traditional business loans, merchant cash advance is the ideal program for a business to receive financing fast and easy.

Ready to get set up with a merchant account solution for your vapes business? Call us today at 888-383-8056 or ‘Apply Now’. We look forward to hearing from you!


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