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Tech Support CanadaIs your remote tech support business in need of a credit card processing solution to accept payments from your customers? Canada Merchant Accounts (CMA) is your answer!

At CMA, our focus is on assisting businesses of all types and sizes in finding the right merchant account solution for their specific requirements. We have help thousands of Canadian businesses get set up to take credit cards, and can also work with most international businesses too.

Whether your business offers remote online or phone support or in-office computer technical repair services, we can help.

High Risk Specialists

As you’re probably aware, tech support services companies are classified as high-risk in the merchant account industry. For this reason, it’s often more challenging for these businesses to get approved for credit card processing services.

Filling out paperwork, sending in support documents and waiting for an approval that may never come is simply a waste of your time. Not to mention, extremely frustrating.

We here at CMA feel your pain. When it comes to high risk payment processing, we are experts. In addition to our industry experience and knowledge, we have built relationships with companies that support high-risk businesses like yours.

With banking partners in Canada, the U.S. and offshore, we are able to find the best merchant account solutions for online IT support services at the best rates available.

Secure Payment Solutions

Our reliable solutions allow merchants to process credit cards from customers in countries throughout the world in over 160 currencies.

Our secure merchant account and payment gateway solutions are PCI DSS compliant. Accept credit cards with confidence, knowing that both you and your customers’ data is protected against fraudulent activity.

Already Processing?

Not only do we work with new businesses, but also established businesses that have a card processing history.

If you already have a merchant account for your PC repair or IT tech support company but are shopping for better rates, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether your company is located in Canada, or any other country, we’d be happy to see if we can save you money on processing fees. In some cases, we’ve saved merchants as much as 25% over existing rates and fees!

Take advantage of our FREE RATE ANALYSIS by sending a recent statement to We will get back to you in 1 business day with a detailed report.

Get Started Today!

Unlike other credit card processors we offer a streamlined application and approval process.

Apply today and get set up as soon as this week to take credit card payments for your online or remote tech support business!




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