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IP Terminals

IP Point-of-Sale Terminals are perfect for small business owners who want the fastest Terminal. IP/Broadband terminals can do transactions in about 3-5 seconds. They are perfect for the merchant who has multiple check-out stations and/or does not want to tie up their existing phone line(s).

They due require a high-speed internet connection. The IP POS Terminals come ready to go “Plug & Play”. All the merchants needs to do is connect the terminal to their router and/or modem to be able to start using this solution. If you ever paid by credit card or used a ATM machine then you will be able to use this system. It walks you through the process of every type of transaction.

  • Guaranteed financing regardless personal credit score
  • Convenient rent-to-own options are available
  • Purchase options are available
  • Debit transaction fees from as low as 8 cents
  • Visa & MasterCard rates are guaranteed to be the lowest in the industry
  • Can deposit into any Canadian business bank account
  • Can implement Gift & Loyalty card services
  • Quality Customer Support 365 days of year
  • 24 hours replacement unit if current unit stops working
  • Free software upgrades

  • ALL terminals are PCI & EMV compliant

* Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice

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