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How long does it take to establish a merchant account?

The average time from your signed, completed application to the time your equipment/services are delivered is 7 to 10 business days (special hardware orders may take longer). This timeframe covers application underwriting and boarding, equipment set up and deployment, and shipping time.

Why do you need a credit check and/or my financials as part of the set up process?

Credit checks are required by Visa and MasterCard and are necessary to determine if the business owners are financially sound. Financial stability is the most critical component of the approval process when applying for merchant accounts.

When can I begin processing?

Once you receive your equipment and go through a brief telephone training process, you can activate your account. Your equipment is typically deployed within 2 business days of account approval.

How long does it take to get the money from my credit card purchases?
Funds are normally settled within 48 hours. Next day funding is available for most merchants.

When do you charge my account for fees?

Your account will be charged for all appropriate fees on or around the fifth of the month following active processing.

How do I know I’m getting the best rates?


We encourage you, as a prospective or existing client, to accept proposals from our competitors. Based on our no-questions asked 100% rate guarantee, we can promise you the lowest rates no matter what.

If I have low or bad credit could I get approved?

Yes, you can get approved. Regardless of credit problems we have one of the highest approval rates in our industry.

How long is the approval process to receive a merchant account?

The majority of accounts will get approved in no more than 48 hours. Set up and shipment of your credit card terminal will be immediate upon approval.

Will I need to open a new bank account?

No need to open up a new account. As long as you have a business account, you can use your existing business account.

Do I need a dedicated phone line?

No. As long as you have access to any telephone or DSL/Internet line you’re all set. All of our solutions can share access to these lines with your existing phones and computers.

Don’t have a telephone or DSL/Internet line?

That’s ok. We have wireless solutions that you can offer to your customers when access to a phone or internet line isn’t available.

Do you work with all types of business?

Yes. All types of business such as mail order, telephone order, online based, home based business, retail and high volume, high risk merchant accounts.

How do I decide which machine, product, equipment or software is right for my business?

Whether you are adding to an existing business or starting a new business, we have the payment solution for your processing needs. Call us today and we will help you pick the right tools for your business- traditional, internet, mail order and home based business.

How will I receive my money? водка пиздец

The credit cards sales will be deposited directly into your checking account. Funds are usually available within two business days