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Ecommerce Merchant Accounts

E-commerce Merchant Accounts are essential for both online and offline retail businesses in todays market place. These are the type of accounts where you want your customers to be able to do a self check-out through your shopping cart or buy button.

We can have your account set-up and ready to be integrated into you website in as little as five business days, but your website must have the proper legal requirements to get approval from the underwriters.

These requirements are a clearly stated:

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Shipping Policy and shipping costs
  3. Terms of Use Policy
  4. Refund Policy (you do not have to give returns, but you need to state your procedures)
  5. SSL Certified Shopping Cart
  6. You WHOIS information needs to match the information that is on the application, and on your contact page.

Once the above requirements are in order you are in a good position to apply for a merchant account. If you do not have those requirements in order then your application will not be processed.

  • Transaction fees from as low as 10 cents
  • Rates guaranteed to be lowest in industry
  • Can deposit into any Canadian business bank account
  • Quality Customer Support 365 days of year
  • Free software upgrades

* Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice

* Ecommerce sites must be using a SSL shopping cart and have their privacy policy, terms of use, shipping policies, and refund policies clearly stated on their sites.

Canadian Gateway & Shopping Carts: Learn more about our Safepay gateway and its many compatible shopping carts.

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