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Credit Card processing; it’s to your Advantage

The days of “cash and carry” businesses are all but over.  If you own a small shop in a tiny town you might still be able to get away with this method of retail, but for most businesses, credit card processing is a must.  If you are among the last holdouts that don’t have a terminal sitting on your counter, it is time to rethink the situation.

Increased Customer Base

Even the most isolated towns are now hooked up to the Internet and interstate grid, which means that people are going to be driving through, even if they aren’t staying.  It would be a real shame to lose a potential customer simply because they don’t carry cash.  By accepting credit cards, you open your business up for more sales and a broader customer base.

Fewer Worries

Out of town checks are a serious risk, so much so that most businesses simply don’t accept checks at all; and that includes local checks.  With credit card processing you can add a check scanning feature that allows you to accept checks and scan them immediately to ensure payment.  This will allow you to accept cash, checks, and charge, a real boon if you want to maximize the number of people you can serve.

Ease of Expansion

When you are ready to move online with your business, and most companies do sooner or later, you can easily transition to a payment gateway that accepts payment from anywhere in the world.  Going online allows you to solicit business from anywhere in the world, with the right software and support.  If you are already set up with a merchant account in your retail location, it is much simpler to expand your business online.

Less Risk of Burglary

The less cash you consistently have on the premises, the lower the risk of armed robbery.  Unfortunately, cash dependent businesses are much more likely to be hit by an armed suspect than those that limit the cash on hand.  When you begin taking plastic, you decrease the amount of money you have in the store, and that means that there is little motivation for picking your premises.

Setting up a Canadian merchant account is an easy way to increase your bottom line, decrease your risks and worries, and it paves your way to virtual expansion.  If you haven’t looked into the possibilities, this is the time to do so.

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