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Merchant Accounts for Canada PC & Computer Tech Support

Are you in need of a merchant account solution for your Canadian tech support business? Allow Canada Merchant Accounts (CMA) to help you to secure the lowest rates and save your business money.

At CMA, we have a network of banking partners in the US and offshore allowing us to offer several different card processing solutions for various Canadian business types, including computer and IT support services.

Merchant accounts from TTG and our processing partners enable Canadian businesses to conveniently process cards from customers in Canada as well as over one hundred other countries.

The payment gateways that are paired with our merchant accounts incorporate the latest encryption technology ensuring that merchants’ data remains secure. Setup is fast and easily integrated with most online shopping carts.

If you already have a credit card processing solution for your Canadian PC technical support operation and you are interested in saving money, give us a try. We offer a FREE RATE ANALYSIS. Send a recent processing statement to and we will get back to you in one business day with a report showing potential annual savings (of up to 20%).

Are you just starting your computer support business and have no processing history? No problem. We gladly accept applications and are able to approve new businesses, even with low expected monthly sales volume.

Click ‘Apply Now’ to start your application. We look forward to working with you!



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