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Canada CBD Hemp Oil (Cannabidiol) Merchant Services

cbd oil merchant servicesSome businesses in Canada with products or services classified as high-risk have a difficult time finding merchant account services to take credit card payments for sales. CBD hemp oil merchants possibly have the toughest time.

CBD oil, also known as cannabiol, is proving to have a wide range of medical benefits. And, it’s becoming a lucrative business for retailers.

Although the Canadian government recently legalized the sale of CBD oil, the cannabis industry is still in its infancy and banks are hesitant to provide credit card processing services to these businesses.

Canada Merchant Accounts (CMA) can help! We’re a merchant services provider owned by The Transaction Group (TTG). Since 2004, TTG and CMA have been assisting Canadian businesses in setting up merchant services.

We know that it’s frustrating when legally operating businesses can’t find a merchant services provider that is willing to work with them. That’s why we have spent years building our banking relationships and becoming the leading high risk merchant account solution provider in Canada.

Together with our network of banking partners in Canada, the US and offshore, we have the ability to set up virtually any high risk business with merchant services. We have various payment processing solutions available for businesses to accept credit cards.

Whether you’re selling CBD hemp oil in a physical brick-and-mortar store, or online via your web store, we can provide a credit card processing solution that is ideal for your business’s needs.

And if you already have a merchant account for your Canadian business but are looking to save money over existing rates and fees, we’d love to complete a rate analysis at no cost. In some cases, we save businesses 25%.

We understand that your time is valuable and the faster the approval and set up, the faster you can start making money. Approval times can vary from business to business, but can be as fast as 3 business days.

Ready to get set up to take credit cards at your CBD oil business in Canada? Complete our short application or contact us today to learn more. We look forward to serving you!


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