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Visa/MasterCard Rate Changes

Visa/MasterCard change their interchange rates usually twice annually. This usually means your processing rates increase. Well, if you have been processing with Visa?MasterCard for a couple of years or more, your rates have increased a lot from the time you first got your merchant account.

Also, a lot of businesses are charged high ‘downgraded’ rates rather then the qualified discount rate they were quoted when they first signed on with their provider. This is because their merchant account was not set up taking into account the particular type of processing they required, or because their provider did not adequately train them on how they can minimize the downgrades.

Free Rate Analysis

As a credit card merchant, you should take advantage of our free rate analysis to see if you how much you are currently overpaying.

Canada Merchant Accounts merchant processing program can significantly reduce your monthly processing cost. We offer Canadian merchants the lowest rates – as well as the highest standard of service.

Just fax us your most recent monthly processing statement (312-896-5628). Our pricing experts will then analyze the statement and the rates you are presently paying and develop for you an annual projection showing the savings we can offer your business.

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